Day in the Life of a Student

Hello, welcome back!

I thought it would be fun to write about one of my average days at university as an undergraduate. Everyone’s timetable is different, and I am super nosey and love reading these kinds of posts, so I thought it’s only fair if I shared mine with you.

So I am currently first year at university and I’m currently studying science. I’ve decided not to mention what university I go to and what specific course I study. I don’t really know why I said, but I think I should probably just stay unrecognisable right now.

So my timetable! Since I study a science degree, throughout the week I have lectures, tutorials/small group work, labs, practicals and workshops. Some sessions are quite similar but I’ll get into more detail so you can understand.

Every day at university is different, I never have the exact same day! So for this post I am just going to tell you my day yesterday!

7:00 am – Wake up!

  • This is always the hardest part of the day! I hate leaving my bed in the mornings as I’m always so cosy. I am also not an early bird – I really wish I was! I usually regret staying up late the night before at this point in the morning as I’m usually exhausted.

7:30 am – Breakfast (Essential!)

  • Breakfast is ESSENTIAL! I am the worst for eating breakfast – as you probably know if you read my last post. However, now it is 2019 I am making a huge effort to make sure I eat something before leaving my flat. Previously I would skip breakfast and I would just have a coffee – but this is not good! Please please please eat breakfast! Trust me, you do feel better if you eat before working!

8:10 am – Meet my friends to get the bus to Uni

  • I try leave my flat on time in the mornings but I am always late! Every morning I am supposed to meet my friend outside her flat at 8:10 but usually it’s not till 8:20 at the earliest… I have 9am lectures everyday, Mon-Fri! It sucks but at least it keeps me in a routine! For my all my lectures/tutorials etc. I have them at a different campus, which requires us to get a bus every morning. It’s probably possible to walk but it would take over an hour, and I am not getting up any earlier than I have too!

9:00 am – First lecture

  • Once I get to our buildings, usually around 8:40, I meet my friends and we grab a coffee before our first lecture.
  • Yesterday my first lecture was Physiology! I’m currently enjoying this module as it is a much better topic than last semester!
  • (Usually the structure to my day is that I have lectures all morning and then practicals/labs in the afternoon)

10:00 am – Second lecture

  • First lecture finishes at 10 am and my next one starts straight after. Same seat, same lecture theatre – nice and simple! This lecture was another Physiology lecture which just expanded on the previous topic.

11:00 am – Third lecture

  • Usually by this point I am drained and I’m not very focused – especially if I have another lecture. Sometimes I have workshops at this time but yesterday I had another lecture:(
  • Same seat, same lecture theatre! This time it was a 2 hour pharmacology lecture – I love the principle of pharmacology – it’s just so hard and confusing!!

1:00 pm – LUNCH!

  • Finally, my favourite part of the day! I’m usually very excited (and hungry) at this point because all my lectures are finished for the day. For lunch I brought in some homemade soup – it was good! Usually during lunch, I spend it relaxing and catching up with friends. However, if it’s longer than an hour I try go to the library to catch up on the mornings lectures.

2:00 pm – Practical skills

  • So yesterday I had practical skills. It was super fun, this is my favourite thing during the week! I love learning about science, however I definitely prefer the practical side to my course!

4:00 pm – Travel back to my flat

  • Usually we finish at either 4 or 5 pm. So once I’m out of Practical skills I jump on the bus and travel back to my flat. By this point I am exhausted and ready to have a nap (or another coffee)!

6:00 pm – Tea

  • I usually eat tea at different times each day, it just depends on my timetable. However, yesterday I managed to wait till 6 until I cooked. For tea I decided to make spicy quorn noodles – one of my favourite meals!
  • I tend to give myself a break when I get back to my flat, so between 4-6pm I’m most likely in the kitchen chatting with my flatmates or at a friend’s flat. It is so important to give yourself a break in your day because it is so easy to get tied up in work.

7:00 pm – Study/Catch up on work

  • I try my hardest to go over every lecture from the day and make sure I understand it. I don’t tend to make notes for everything as there is way too much content but I use flashcards, mind maps and notes from previous students etc.
  • I find it so hard to motivate myself to start studying (I’m meant to be doing revision right now but I’m procrastinating haha)!

~10:00 pm – I attempt to stop studying, go and chill in the kitchen with my flatmates and chat

  • I usually stop revising at around 10pm and I normally go through and see my flatmates again. I’m currently in halls this year and I love my flat! I am so lucky to be really good friends with my other flatmates, we usually just chat or watch a film together at this point in the night.

~11:00 pm – Go back to my room and chill or watch Netflix

  • I try to get in my bed by 11pm as I’m normally exhausted by this point. Once I’m in bed I just scroll through my phone, watch netflix, phone my family/friends etc.

12:00/12:30ish – Sleep!

  • Finally my favourite part, SLEEP! By this point I realise that I have spent way too long on my phone and I should have gone to bed ages ago!


As I’ve previously said, every day is completely different. Since this is my first week of semester two (My course is back a week earlier than everyone else at uni) the societies haven’t started back yet. Usually I have thing on in the evening which gets me out of my flat.

But yes, that was my day! I hope you liked finding out about what I do as a first year student. If you have questions just drop a comment and I’ll try get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for reading this!

See you soon for another random post xo


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